What is the SASE cut-off score in MSU-IIT?

MSU-IIT shall not set a general cut-off score. Admission shall be based on several factors, including your preferred course as indicated on the SASE result, the department’s cut-off score, the track and ranking among applicants, and the availability of slots.

Why is MSU-IIT not fixing a general cut-off score across all programs?

The primary reason is that the mean average and median scores of MSU-I IT takers are very high compared to other campuses in the System. In I IT, the highest score is 137, which is the highest in the whole MSU System. The mean average score is 79; the median score is 80.

What is the primary determination of MSU-IIT’s admission?

Admission will depend on your SASE score and your primary course choice as indicated in your SASE result. In other programs, a qualifying exam and interview are required.

How do you know that you will be admitted?

You will receive a Notice of Admission via email.

What should you do after receiving the Notice of Admission?

You need to immediately confirm your admission; otherwise, your slot will be forfeited in favor of those on the waitlist.

If you didn’t receive a Notice of Admission, do you still have a chance to be admitted?

It depends. If there are available slots because some qualified applicants might not confirm their admission within the given time, you have a chance to be admitted.

What if you will not proceed with your primary choice of program, can you be admitted to another program?

Your admission will depend on the availability of slots in the new program or course that you will choose. However, you will be the last priority in admission.