The vibrant and lively showdown of the DIYANDI Festival Queens is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever as it marks its third year of celebration! Excitement is building as 11 official candidates prepare to compete for the highly coveted title of DIYANDI Festival Queen 2023.

The DIYANDI Festival, which pays homage to the patron Saint Sr. San Miguel, promises to be a spectacular event filled with music, dance, and the vibrant colors of celebration. Here’s a rundown of the key dates for this year’s DIYANDI Festival Queen competition:

September 20 | 4:00 PM – Presentation of Candidates:
This is your chance to get to know the 11 remarkable DIYANDI Queens up close and personal. They will take the stage, introducing themselves and sharing their stories, talents, and aspirations.

September 23 | 2:00 PM – Grand Showdown and Coronation:
The DIYANDI Festival reaches its zenith on this day as the 11 contestants vie for the crown in a dazzling grand showdown. The stage will come alive with their mesmerizing performances as they dance to the rhythmic beats of DIYANDI, showcasing the spirit of joy and festivity that this event represents. The anticipation will finally come to an end as the DIYANDI Festival Queen 2023 is crowned in a glittering coronation ceremony.

This year’s DIYANDI Festival promises to be an unforgettable experience, celebrating the rich traditions and cultural heritage of Iligan City while embracing the spirit of unity and festivity. Stay tuned for more updates on this vibrant event as we prepare to witness the coronation of the next DIYANDI Festival Queen, who will undoubtedly continue to reign over the hearts of the community.

DIYANDI Festival Queen

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