This is your chance to showcase your creativity, love for Iligan City, and passion for music by creating engaging Reels Videos! Join us in celebrating the spirit and culture of Iligan through the power of music and visual storytelling.

Competition Guidelines
1. Eligibility
– The competition is open to all residents of Iligan City.
– Participants must have a valid Facebook/Instagram account to enter the competition.
2. Theme
– Create a Reel video that captures the Diyandi Festival Activities.
– Showcase landmarks, culture, traditions, or any aspect of Iligan that holds significance to you.
3. Video Requirements
– Videos must be a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds in length.
4. Originality and Creativity
– Videos should exhibit your originality and creativity.
– Incorporate unique storytelling techniques, creative transitions, and visual effects to make your video stand out.
5. Hashtags and Mentions
Use the official competition hashtag: #DiyandiReels2023, #SerbisyongSiao and #AsensoIliganon
6. Video Quality
– Videos should be a minimum of 720p with high visual and audio quality for a better viewing experience.
– Avoid excessive noise, distortion, or any other disruptions in audio.
7. Content Guidelines
– Videos must be respectful, positive, culture-sensitive and family-friendly.
– Avoid any content that promotes violence, hate speech, or any form of discrimination.
8. Submission:
– The contest period will start at the first submission on September 6 and will be judged EVERY MONDAY starting on September 11 until October 2.
– To enter the competition, post your Reels video on your account with the official competition hashtags #DiyandiReels2023, #SerbisyongSiao and #AsensoIliganon and mention the Facebook Page, Freddie Siao.
– Only one (1) entry per person per week will be allowed.
– Submit a copy of your Reels Video to [email protected] and include the name of your account for official entry monitoring.
– Make sure your Reels profile is set to “Public” so we can view your entry.
9. Judging Criteria
Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
– Creativity and Originality (30%)
– Relevance to Iligan City and Diyandi Festival 2023 (50%)
– Overall Engagement through Likes (20%)
10. Weekly Prizes
– 1st Place: Php 2,000.00
– 2nd Place: Php 1,500.00
– 3rd Place: Php 1,000.00
11. Important Dates
– Submission Period:
Week 1 – September 6 to September 10.
Week 2 – September 11 to September 17
Week 3 – September 18 to September 24
Week 4 – September 25 to October 1
– Judging and Winner Announcement:
Week 1 – September 11
Week 2 – September 18
Week 3 – September 25
Week 4 – October 2
12. Rights and Usage
– By participating, you grant permission for the right to share and use your video with any legal purpose it may serve.
13. How to Enter
– Create and post your Reels video on your account.
– Use the official competition hashtag #DiyandiReels2023, #SerbisyongSiao and #AsensoIliganon and mention the Facebook page, Freddie Siao.
– Set your Reels profile to “Public.”
– Stay tuned for the winners’ announcement weekly.

**Contact Information:**

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the CMO Secretariat at +639556552676.
Join us in celebrating the Diyandi Festival 2023 with your creativity and passion for Iligan City. We can’t wait to see your amazing Reels videos!

Diyandi Reels Competition Guidelines