Here is a list of all open Evacuation Centers for those affected by flooding in Iligan City: March 6-7, 2022

📍Buru-un Gym (Brgy. Buru-un)
📍Ma. Cristina Gym (Brgy. Ma. Cristina)
📍Suarez Central School (Brgy. Suarez)
📍Tambacan Brgy. Hall (Brgy. Tambacan)
📍South I Tubod Elementary School (Brgy. Tubod)
📍Tipanoy Brgy. Hall (Brgy. Tipanoy)
📍Abuno Brgy. Hall (Brgy. Abuno)
📍City Central School (Brgy. Mahayahay & Brgy. Poblacion)
📍Del Carmen Brgy. Hall (Brgy. Del Carmen)
📍Ubaldo Laya Elementary School (Brgy. Ubaldo Laya)
📍Doña Juana Elementary School (Brgy. Pala-o)
📍Santiago Gym (Brgy. Santiago)
📍Tambo Elementary School (Brgy. Hinaplanon)
📍Sta. Felomina Elementary School (Brgy. Sta. Felomina)
📍Pugaan Gym (Brgy. Pugaan)
📍Lanipao Primary School (Brgy. Lanipao)
📍Kalilangan Daycare Center (Brgy. Kalilangan)
📍Rogongon Daycare Center (Brgy. Rogongon)

In case of emergency, please call any of these HOTLINE numbers:
☎️ 811/812
☎️ 221-8459
☎️ 228-2898
☎️ 222-4000
☎️ 0997-726-2692

Keep safe everyone!

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