The Department of Agriculture has allocated 250 million pesos for the construction of roads in the fields of Iligan, marking a significant step towards improving the city’s agricultural infrastructure and enhancing local livelihoods.

This allocation follows a crucial road validation survey conducted in the rural areas, demonstrating a dedicated effort to enhance agricultural infrastructure, which, in turn, promises to elevate the living standards of the local populace.

The project, known as the PRDP Farm to Market Road, will span a distance of 7.8 kilometers, starting from Katipunan, Barangay Rogongon, and extending to Sitio Loklok, Barangay Main, via Kapisahan – Pinatagan. Notably, it will feature a 25-meter bridge component, expected to unlock new opportunities for the local farming community.

The region is renowned for its abundant production of coconuts, bananas, hemp, and coffee, with approximately 1,500 hectares of agricultural land set to benefit from the project. This endeavor is poised to be a game-changer for the farming community, providing them with the means to flourish.

With an estimated project cost of 250 million pesos, it is viewed as a significant investment in the future of agriculture within the city of Iligan.

The success of this endeavor is being diligently ensured by a dedicated validation team comprising members from the Department of Agriculture’s PRDP RPCD team, the City Engineer’s Office team, and the City Agriculture’s Office team. Mr. Kevin R. Fernan, Focal Consultant at the Iligan City Agriculture Office, is also actively involved in overseeing the project’s progress.

During the survey trip, the team distributed six bags of hybrid yellow corn seeds to the Panoroganan Barangay Council, underscoring the commitment to improving local agriculture. Furthermore, the need for additional schools and classrooms to enhance educational infrastructure was identified, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to community development.

As Iligan City progresses towards a brighter and more prosperous future, these updates serve as a testament to the city’s dedication to growth and progress in all aspects of life.