Executive Order (EO) No. 57, Series of 2020 – Declaring the Entire City of Iligan Under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) and Providing for its Guidelines

Iligan City is under MGCQ effective this Monday, June 1, 2020 without prejudice to the declaration of localized ECQ SHOULD there be any one (1) confirmed LOCAL TRANSMISSION of COVID-19 on any barangays/ purok in the City.

▪️Curfew Hours: 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM
▪️Liquor Ban: 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM
▪️Travel Outside Residence
✔️All residents are now allowed to travel outside their residence but within Iligan City. Home Quarantine Passes (HQP) are NO LONGER REQUIRED.

❗️However, residents are advised to safekeep their HQP in case a localized ECQ is declared should there be one (1) confirmed LOCAL TRANSMISSION of COVID-19 within the City.

▪️Minimum Public Health Standards
✔️Everyone is mandated to wear face masks or other protective gears in public places
✔️Social Distancing

▪️Non-Contact Sports & Exercises
✔️Allowed such as but not limited to walking, jogging, running, biking, golf, swimming, tennis, badminton, equestrian, and skateboarding

❗️Provided, that the minimum public health standards (stated above) are observed.

❗️Provided further that in sports facilities where there is a clubhouse, cafeteria and the like, only fifty (50%) of the capacity of the venue is allowed

No sharing of equipment policy

▪️Mass Gatherings
✔️ Not limited to movie screenings, concerts, sporting events and other entertainment activities, community assemblies, and non- essential work gatherings shall be allowed

❗️Provided that participants shall be limited to fifty (50%) of the venue or seating capacity

❗️Religious gatherings shall be allowed under such guidelines as may be declared through IATF-EID subsequent issuances

✔️Residential or face to face classes may be conducted in Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s)

❗️Provided there is strict compliance with minimum health standards, consultation with local government units, and compliance with guidelines set by CHED.

Higher Education Institution activities that involve mass gathering of students is prohibited

❗️For K-12 Basic Education, the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan of the DepED is hereby adopted.

▪️Work in Public and Private Offices
✔️Allowed to resume in FULL capacity provided that the minimum health standards of wearing of face masks, social distancing, alcohol and disinfectant availability, and no sharing of tools, equipment etc.

❗️Alternative arrangements for persons who are sixty (60) years old and above, those immune deficiency, comorbidities, or other health risks, and pregnant women.

❗️Workplaces must comply with the guidelines issued by the DOH and the DOLE.

▪️Travel in Public Utility Vehicles
✔️Public Utility vehicles such as Jeepneys, Taxis, Kalesa, pick-ups, multicabs, trisicads etc., are allowed to operate within the territory of Iligan City provided they observe social/physical distancing.

The allowable passengers are:
▫️Jeepneys – half of its maximum capacity including the driver
▫️Taxis – maximum of three (3) persons including the driver
▫️Kalesa- maximum of three (3) persons including the “kutsero”
▫️Trisicads- maximum of two (2) persons including the driver

✔️“One Seat Apart” policy
✔️Mandatory wearing of masks by the driver and passenger(s).

❗️No person shall be allowed to board and/or drive/operate a passenger or private vehicle without any face mask or adequate and effective face covering.

❗️In accordance with Department of Transportation (DoTR) guidelines and applicable traffic rules and regulations (NATIONAL GOV’T POLICY)
—motorcyclists are not allowed to accommodate and/or allow back riders

▪️Business Establishments
✔️All business establishments are hereby allowed to operate or to undertake FULL operations EXCEPT the following and/or under these CONDITIONS:

a. Barber shops, salons, and other personal care service establishments – 50%of venue capacity

b. Dine-in service in food retail establishments such as supermarkets, grocery stores and food preparation establishments – at a maximum of 50% seating capacity;

c. Gym, fitness studios and sports facilities, cinemas, theaters and karaoke bars, kid amusement industries, libraries, archives, pools, resorts and beaches, travel agencies, tour operations, reservation service and relative activities, and personal services like massage parlors, sauna facial care and waxing shall operate – at a 50% operational capacity

❗️All operational establishments are mandated to implement the NO FACE MASK NO ENTRY POLICY, shall strictly observe physical/social distancing, provide disinfection and other preventive measures such as:
▫️Mandatory Temperature Check
▫️Mandatory alcohol use shall provide and washing facility
▫️Limit the number of people inside the establishment/mall
▫️Provision of masks and gloves to employees

▪️Aircraft, Vessels, Returning Residents
✔️Any aircraft or vessel may land, dock, anchor, stay or come into the Port of Iligan or the City of Iligan for the sole purpose of:
▫️Disembarking or unloading Locally Stranded Individuals (LSI) or Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROF)

✔️Cargo vessels and aircraft loading or unloading essential commodities such as food, medicines, medical supplies, essential building materials, needed spare parts etc., may land, dock or anchor in the suitable landing area, wharf or pier or stay in an anchorage of the Port of Iligan for the purpose of loading and or unloading the said materials, shall not be hampered

▪️Construction Projects
✔️All lawful and legal public and private construction projects are hereby allowed, but with strict compliance with DPWH construction safety guidelines for the implementation of infrastructure projects during the COVID-19

▪️Entry to Iligan City
✔️All persons entering the City of Iligan shall be subjected to body temperature scan and those with body temperature of 38 Degree Celsius or above upon screening shall be held temporarily at the checkpoint which shall be reported to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for appropriate action

✔️Residents from neighbouring municipalities, cities and provinces may enter the City of Iligan for the purpose of purchasing/pick-up/loading COMMODITIES and for MEDICAL PURPOSES provided:

a. Entries shall be made thrice a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only and they shall have with them and present to the checkpoint of entry the following:

a. Current, valid, and pertinent Government ID

b. Health Certificate issued by a duly licensed, registered and accredited physician that he/she has no signs or symptoms of COVID- 19

✔️Driver and passengers shall:

a. Undergo the usual procedure and protocol followed and/or enforced at checkpoints

b. Wear face mask or appropriate coverings of mouth and nose and bring along hygiene kits such as 70% alcohol or hand sanitizer

c. Deposit their ID at the checkpoints

In return the receiving officer/personnel shall give them the appropriate receipt for the said deposit. The ID’s shall be upon departure from Iligan City or continued stay herein, returned to its rightful owner who claims the same by presenting and returning the receipt previously given to him

 Entries to Iligan City for leisure, non-work, non-medical need or emergency purpose is hereby strictly prohibited.

▪️Persons Permitted to Move Within and Across Areas Under any Form of Community Quarantine

✔️Health and emergency frontline services personnel
✔️Government officials and government frontline personnel
✔️Duly-authorized humanitarian assistance actors (HAAs)
✔️Persons traveling for medical or humanitarian reasons
✔️Persons going to the airport for travel abroad ✔️Returning or repatriated OFWs and other Overseas Filipinos returning to their places of residence
✔️Other persons transported through the efforts of the national government upon observance of the necessary quarantine protocols and with the concurrence of the receiving LGU’s
✔️Anyone crossing zones for work permitted in the zone of destination, and going back home

For more details, kindly read the full EO below.


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