In a concerted effort to bolster local governance and reinforce community safety, Punong Barangays across Iligan City recently convened for an insightful briefing session on the upcoming implementation of key initiatives: the Seal of Good Local Governance for Barangays (SLGB), Barangay Tanod Skills Enhancement (BTSE) Training, and Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) functionality audit.

The briefing session organized by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Iligan City, Punong Barangays were equipped with crucial knowledge and tools to effectively administer these initiatives within their respective barangays, ensuring transparency, accountability, and enhanced community well-being.

Acting Program Manager Villebette Sato introduced and discussed the SGLGB, an accolade that recognizes barangays that exemplify exceptional performance in service delivery, financial administration, and adherence to governance principles. The discussion centered on educating the PBs about the SGLGB criteria, requirements, and best practices to qualify for the seal, encouraging enhanced governance practices and increased trust from constituents. By setting rigorous standards, this initiative inspires barangays to strive for excellence in governance practices and fosters a culture of transparency and accountability.

In addition, the briefing session shed light on the crucial role of the BADAC in relation to the conduct of its functionality audit. She also highlighted how the Barangays play a critical role in the fight against illegal drugs through prevention, rehabilitation, and law enforcement. The participants received valuable insights into effective strategies, available resources, and collaborative approaches to intensify efforts in eradicating drug-related issues at the barangay level.

To reinforce community safety, an orientation on the anticipated conduct of the BTSE Training. This comprehensive training program equips Barangay Tanods, the peacekeeping officers of the community, with essential skills and knowledge. Through modules covering conflict resolution, disaster preparedness, crime prevention, and community engagement, Barangay Tanods are empowered to maintain peace and order within their respective barangays more effectively.

The interactive nature of the briefing session facilitated knowledge exchange among Punong Barangays, enabling them to share experiences, insights, and best practices with fellow barangay leaders and government officials. This collaborative environment enriched the session and provided participants with a broader perspective on the upcoming initiatives.

In her closing message, City Director Maria Maida Daniot conveyed her gratitude to all the Punong Barangays present. She reiterated that the heart of every community lies the barangay, where effective governance is crucial for progress.

β€œAt the forefront of this governance structure stands the Punong Barangays –the chief executives responsible for leading their barangays towards development. By orienting PBs through the briefing sessions on SGLGB, BADAC functionality audit, and BTSE Training, we strengthen barangay governance and empower leaders to effectively serve their communities,” she highlighted.

With unwavering commitment, DILG Iligan City government continues to support and collaborate with barangays in its pursuit of good governance and community safety. By conducting informative sessions and equipping Punong Barangays with the necessary tools and resources, the agency strives to nurture a culture of transparency, accountability, and excellence at the grassroots level.

Armed with newfound knowledge and insights, Punong Barangays are poised to lead their respective barangays towards progress, safety, and stronger governance. As the SGLGB, BTSE Training, and BADAC functionality audit are currently underway, DILG Iligan City anticipates remarkable strides in the pursuit of a better and safer community. (π˜‹π˜π˜“π˜Ž 𝘐𝘭π˜ͺ𝘨𝘒𝘯 𝘊π˜ͺ𝘡𝘺 | π˜”. π˜™π˜’π˜°π˜±π˜’π˜―)