WHEREAS, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte issued last March 8, 2020 Proclamation No. 922 declaring a “State of Public Health Emergency throughout the Philippines”, and, on March 16, 2020, Proclamation No. 929 which declares a “State of Calamity throughout the Philippines due to Corona Virus Disease 2019”;

WHEREAS, City Mayor Celso Gomera Regencia issued on March 16, 2020 an Executive Order No. 29, s. 2020 entitled “Declaration of Community Quarantine and its Guidelines to prevent local transmission of CoViD 2019 in Iligan City”, and, on March 20, 2020, Executive Order No. 32, s. 2020 entitled “An Order Placing Iligan City under Enhanced Community Quarantine and Providing its Implementing Guidelines”;

WHEREAS, City Mayor’s Executive Order No. 33, s. 2020 provides in par. 2 that “All Barangay Officials are directed to strictly implement home quarantine in their respective barangays”,

WHEREAS, The Barangay Council in a Special Session held on March 16, 2020 adopted the declaration of the City Government entitled the “Sangguniang Panglungsod of Iligan declaring the State of Calamity due to CoVid 2019 Disease”.

NOW THEREFORE, I, GRECITA L. CATUBIG, Punong Barangay of Kiwalan, Iligan City, by virtue of the powers vested upon me by the law do hereby order the following:

1. NON-RESIDENTS OF KIWALAN ENTERING BARANGAY KIWALAN – All persons who are not residents of Barangay Kiwalan are allowed to enter the Barangay ONLY for legitimate and absolutely necessary purposes such as when it is going to deliver/purchase essential goods, medicines and postal communication.

For those who will simply visit their relatives in Kiwalan are encouraged not to proceed. For those who will necessarily visit their relatives must be required to carry a Barangay Home Quarantine Pass coming from his Punong Barangay (when he is a resident of a Barangay in Iligan) or from the Mayor (when he is a resident outside of Iligan) with an attached certification stating that the subject visitor is not and has not been a PUI or PUM and is in good health condition. Without this mandatory pass, the visitor will not be allowed to enter Barangay Kiwalan.

Residents of Kiwalan must have the obligation to discourage their relatives to visit them or, if they will really be coming to Kiwalan, they must inform them to carry the above-mentioned requirements.

All those non-residents delivering essential goods, medicines and postal communication and those who will visit their relatives in Kiwalan shall present their valid identification cards such as Postal ID, Philippine Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, SSS (UMID), Philhealth ID, TIN Card, PRC ID, Employee ID, School ID to Barangay personnel assigned at the Barangay Inspection Centers (BIC) stationed at the Barangay entry and exit points. All of them must be wearing masks.

If they are bringing with them their own service vehicles, they shall register it at the designated Barangay Inspection Centers (BIC) or at the Barangay Hall in order to secure travel pass. The travel pass shall show the travel history of the vehicle.

Those who are showing sickness during the inspection will not be allowed to proceed despite complying the documentary requirements.


3. PUBLIC UTILITY VEHICLES CARRYING ESSENTIAL GOODS FROM THE HINTERLAND BARANGAY OF KIWALAN ENTERING THE BARANGAY WHICH DESTINATION IS OUTSIDE OF KIWALAN – Public utility jeepneys carrying essential goods which will be delivered anywhere in Iligan shall be allowed to proceed to the National Highway on the condition that it must carry two passengers only to include the Driver of the Vehicles. These delivery vehicles shall register as required in No. 1 of this order. To proceed to the national highway, they will be accompanied by a Barangay Tanod.

4. POSTAL COURIERS AND FORWARDING COMPANIES ENTERING KIWALAN – All postal couriers and forwarding companies are allowed to enter Kiwalan following strictly the requirements in No. 1 of this executive order. In addition thereto, the names of residents of Kiwalan where they are going to make a delivery.

5. MOTOR VEHICLES ALLOWED TO ENTER KIWALAN – The NO ANGKAS POLICY shall be strictly enforced within Barangay Kiwalan especially in the designated entry and exit points of the Barangay. With this, Habal-Habal and Bajaj are not allowed to enter, travel, ply or pass through anywhere in Barangay Kiwalan.

6. TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION OF KIWALAN – In this order, the term Kiwalan refers to the Barangay Road and City Roads within Barangay Kiwalan. Those who will be plying the national highway in order to enter Barangay Kiwalan are included in this order. Those who will just be passing through Kiwalan via the national highway are allowed unhampered movement and shall proceed to the exit point of Kiwalan towards their destination.

7. CURFEW HOURS IN KIWALAN – Curfew hours in Kiwalan shall be strictly observed by all adults and minors starting from 6:00 PM to 6:00AM. Those who will be violating the curfew hours shall be detained at the Police Station 3 and shall render community services except those who are exempt from the curfew like night shift employees, etc.

8. LIQUOR BAN IN KIWALAN – Buying, selling and drinking liquors anywhere in Kiwalan shall be prohibited from 6:00pm until 6:00am. Those who will be violating the liquor ban shall be detained at the Police Station 3 and shall render community services in addition to the applicable ordinance of the City of Iligan. Stores and establishments violating the ban shall be immediately close and their Barangay Clearance for them to operate their business shall be immediately revoke with notice given to the City Treasurer’s Office.

9. DRINKING OF ALCOHOL/BEVERAGES IN PUBLIC PLACES – Drinking of alcohol/beverages in public places to include those immediately outside of one’s residence shall not be allowed anywhere in Kiwalan.

10. MANDATORY SANITARY PRACTICES – Every Kiwalanon shall have the duty to maintain proper hygienic practices by adhering to the following health practices:

a. Practice regular and proper handwashing with soap and running water or apply 70% alcohol or hand sanitizer. With this, public buildings and private establishments shall maintain hand sanitizers that will be available to the public.

b. Practice social distancing of at least 1–1.5 meters from anyone anywhere in Barangay Kiwalan;

c. Practice cough etiquette by covering the mouth during cough or sneezing using handkerchief, hand elbow, worn clothes, or tissue and dispose of tissue properly;

11. MANDATORY WEARING OF MASKS – Whenever in public places or outside of the residence, everyone shall wear face masks such as—but not limited to—surgical mask, N95 mask, do-it-yourself mask, or any alternative mask that would cover an individual’s mouth and nose.

12. INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHMENTS EMPLOYEES ALLOWED TO ENTER KIWALAN – Employees and security personnel of the industrial establishments located in Kiwalan are likewise allowed to travel within the Barangay, provided that they shall secure a certification from their employer that they are in the skeletal workforce. All these establishments shall have the obligation and responsibility to inspect their employees starting from their service vehicles and in regulating the movement of their employees.

13. STAY HOME POLICY – To prevent the spread of virus and protect the life of the frontliners, every Kiwalanon shall have the obligation to stay home until the enhanced community quarantines shall be lifted by the President of the Philippines. It shall be the obligation of the parents or household head to secure the members of their household to stay inside the homes and maintain strict home quarantine. BYSTANDERS CAUGHT DURING BARANGAY ROVINGS WILL BE PENALIZED as provided for by existing ordinances. As for MINORS that will be caught, they and their parents will be penalized as provided for by existing ordinances.

14. ONE PASS, ONE FAMILY POLICY – For every household, there shall only be one person which will be allowed to go out for purposes of purchasing basic commodities, payment of bills, and other processes. This person must bring his/her own Family Home Quarantine Pass when going out from their homes.

15. PROTECTING THE MOST VULNERABLE RESIDENTS OF KIWALAN – Senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and other vulnerable personalities are encouraged to stay at home and/or their residences. It shall be the obligation of each household to secure their vulnerable family members from being contacted with the virus by providing them with safe residence, healthy lifestyle, sanitary discipline and good dietary practices.

16. FREE SAKAY FOR KIWALANONS – Those who have important concerns to attend to within the city proper (such as—but not limited to—withdrawal of money, purchase of medicines, etc.,) will be assisted by the Barangay Council by providing free vehicle service. To avail, please contact Sidlak Kiwalan Facebook Page or Barangay Kiwalan Hall through 225–1430. Upon requesting for a schedule, kindly provide the following details: Name, Address, Purpose, Contact Number;

17. SUSPENSION OF THE FLEA MARKET – Starting April 4, 2020, the tabo or weekend market every Saturday is suspended until the lifting of the community quarantine. Lot owners hosting the Tabo shall be held primarily responsible for this case.

18. BUSINESS HOURS – Starting March 31, 2020, business hours will be from 6:01AM to 9:00AM and 2:00PM to 5:00PM. Establishments (convenience stores, etc., except for Pharmacies) will not entertain during 9:00AM to 2:00PM and 5:00PM to 6:00PM.

19. STRICT IMPLEMENTATION OF PHYSICAL DISTANCING IN KIWALAN – All establishments in Kiwalan are required to draw three lines fronting their establishments with a distance of two meters from each other wherein their clients will stand and wait for their turn in buying goods from them. They shall not allow anyone to enter their stores. Further, they shall provide a plastic cover separating them from their customers where they will give their their goods and in paying. Store owners shall require their customers to present their quarantine pass. Store owners and their employees actually manning the store are required to wear appropriate PPE especially the face masks. They shall also provide hand sanitizers in their stores for their customers and store employees. Those found violating this policy will be penalized in accordance with existing ordinance and the revocation of the Barangay Clearance for them to operate business within Kiwalan.

20. PHYSICAL DISTANCING IN GROCERIES – In addition to No. 18, groceries like 711, Emerald or any groceries in Kiwalan, shall allow 5 customers at a time to enter the store premises maintaining strictly the NO MASK NO ENTRY POLICY, NO QUARANTINE PASS NO ENTRY POLICY and the 2-METER DISTANCE POLICY. Store owners and their employees actually manning the store are required to wear appropriate PPE especially the face masks. They shall also provide hand sanitizers in their stores for their customers and store employees. Those found violating this policy will be penalized in accordance with existing ordinance and the revocation of the Barangay Clearance for them to operate business within Kiwalan.

21. MAJOR BARANGY INSPECTION CENTERS (BIC) – There will be three (3) major checkpoints in Kiwalan which will be located at Purok 3 Crossing at the junction of the National Highway and the Jose F. Yanez Road, Purok 10 Crossing at the junction of the Miguel Halibas Road and the National Highway, and Purok 9 where strict enforcement of this policy, the City Executive Ordinance and the President’s declaration will be initiated.

22. VIOLATIONS – Those who will be violating this order or any ordinance or law in relation to the national emergency as declared will be penalized as required in Republic Act 9271 or Quarantine Act of 2004 with a fine of P10,000.00 or P50,000 or be imprisoned for not more than one (1) year or both.

23. REPEALING CLAUSE. All Barangay issuances and other executive orders which are inconsistent with or contrary with this Executive Order are hereby repealed, amended, or modified accordingly.

24. SEPARABILITY CLAUSE – This order shall become ineffective immediately should it be declared as unconstitutional by the DILG, City Mayor or by any court. Any provision which will not be included in the declaration shall remain effective and operative.

25. EFFECTIVITY. This order shall take effect immediately.

For public reference.