Muay Thai enthusiasts and martial arts aficionados gathered for a thrilling showcase of combat skills at the recently held Open Muay Thai Tournament Amateur. The event, which took place yesterday, featured a diverse group of 30 participants hailing from various regions, all eager to prove their mettle in the world of Muay Thai.

The tournament featured a range of categories, including the amateur category, elite category, co-main event, and the highly anticipated main event. Athletes from esteemed martial arts clubs representing Zamboanga City, Cebu City, Dumaguete City, Marawi City, and Cagayan De Oro City converged on the venue to engage in fierce competition and display their expertise in this ancient combat art.

Vincero “King” Belmonte, the City Sports Director, emphasized the significance of Muay Thai in the realm of combat sports, likening it to a captivating race within the broader sporting landscape. “Muay Thai is a combat martial art that hails from the heart of Thailand, encompassing elements of punching, elbowing, and kicking. It is renowned for being one of the most challenging and intense martial arts disciplines. Our primary objective here is to promote self-defense skills, physical fitness, and overall personal enhancement,” noted Kru Jaime Francisco, the event’s dedicated organizer.

As the excitement of the tournament unfolded, the audience witnessed JB Olivades from Cagayan De Oro City emerge as the triumphant victor. Olivades secured the prestigious main event title, which came with a substantial cash prize of 5,000 pesos, while a consolation prize of 3,000 pesos was awarded to other participants who demonstrated their exceptional abilities throughout the competition.

The Open Muay Thai Tournament Amateur not only celebrated the rich tradition of Muay Thai but also fostered a sense of unity among martial artists from different corners of the Philippines. It served as a testament to the enduring appeal of this formidable martial art, which continues to captivate both participants and spectators alike.

Photo Credits by Donnie Obina