This is already approved by the National Inter-Agency Task Force-MEID, pursuant to Section 2 of Executive Order No. 112, Series of 2020 of President Rodrigo R. Duterte and the Revised Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community Quarantine in the Philippines.

Our cooperation is a must. Let’s flatten the curve and beat the rising cases before the supposed duration of the MECQ. Keep safe everyone.

SUMMARY (for more details, kindly read the full EO below)


September 2-September 30, 2020 unless further extended or sooner withdrawn

Curfew Hours: 7:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Exempted: workers employed in government offices rendering services related to security, health, social services, sanitation, environment and disaster, government engaged in food delivery services, hospitals, medical laboratories, pharmacies, drugstores, other health services/personnel, doctor’s and dentist’s clinics, gas stations, and mass media outlets
For this purpose, work in the City Government shall be until 4:00pm only. Other public and private establishments may adopt working hours schedule

Liquor Ban:

Selling and consumption of liquors or any intoxicating products are prohibited in public places in Iligan City

Mandatory Quarantine Pass:

Color – Coded Home Quarantine Pass to buy food, medicines, or other essential goods and avail of essential services such as, paying bills, other similar activities

Only one household member or his/her alternate household named in the Quarantine Pass shall be allowed to use the quarantine pass.

In the event of emergency, wherein other members of the family are needed, presentation of Quarantine Pass may be waived.

Note: Please see the QP grouping/clustering of Barangays

Public Transportation:

Suspended UNLESS commissioned as shuttle services for employees of permitted offices or establishments.

No aircraft, passenger or cargo vessel shall land, dock, anchor, stay or come in the Port of Iligan or the City of Iligan for the purpose of disembarking or loading passengers travelling to or out of Iligan City without the previous written permission of the City Mayor or his duly authorized representative in writing.

Exception: those carrying essential commodities, supplies, building materials, and the like

Establishments that are allowed to open:

Kindly see full list below.

Establishments that are NOT allowed to open:

Barbershops/salons, gyms, internet and computer shops, educational support establishments, entertainment industries, kids amusement industries, tourist destinations and travel agencies, other personal care services, pet grooming services

Establishments are MANDATED to have their clients/visitors/customer fill out a contact tracing form with the following details: name, address, date, time of visit, and place previously visited.

Entry of Non-Residents:

Scheduled thrice a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and shall be required to present valid identification card, Medical Health clearance issued by the Authorized Government Medical Doctor (valid for 1 day only)

Exception:Entry is related to emergency cases in which case, a valid referral from a recognized physician shall be presented

Residents Leaving & Returning to Iligan: Shall be allowed to travel for 1 day

Government Skeletal Workforce:

EXCEPT the City Health Office, Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial Hospital, Barangay Health Workers, City Social Welfare and Development, City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, and the City Environment Management Office (including the Public Services Division), and other indispensable services of the City Government

Barangay Roles:

Required to establish Barangay Control Points (BCP) for purposes of carrying-out relevant laws, rules and regulations pertinent to COVID-19 pandemic.