Q: What do we mean by Expanded COVID-19 Testing?
A: The Philippine Government will roll out Expanded COVID-19 Testing which is strategic and targeted to suspected patients, exposed individuals (with travel history or close contact), and healthcare workers.

We will do Expanded Testing for those who need it the most!

Q: What are included in Expanded Testing?
A: Expanded Testing means:
1. Expanding laboratories all over the country and providing more test reagents to perform RT-PCR testing
2. Testing more patients suspected and at risk of acquiring COVID-19

Q: How do I determine if I’m exposed?
A: You are exposed if these happened to you during an interaction with a CONFIRMED/ PROBABLE CASE within
2 days before or 14 days after the onset of the symptoms of the patient:
• Face-to-face contact with a confirmed case (less than 1 meter apart) and for more than 15 minutes
• Direct physical contact with a confirmed case
• Direct care for a patient with COVID-19 without the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Q: Who will be our priority for the Expanded Testing?
A: We will prioritize (in order) the following patients and healthcare workers who are:
1. With Severe and Critical symptoms
2. With mild symptoms and with relevant history of travel/contact and who are vulnerable (>60 years old, with
pre-existing health conditions, high-risk pregnancy)
3. With mild symptoms and with relevant history of travel/contact but are not vulnerable
4. Individuals and healthcare workers with no symptoms but are with relevant travel history/contact

Q: For the Expanded Testing, what test will be used to confirm for COVID-19?
A: Real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test will be used to confirm COVID-19 among patients.

Q: Will we use Rapid Antibody Tests to determine patients with COVID-19?
A: No. Rapid test kits are not recommended as standalone tests to diagnose or rule out COVID-19. Only RT-PCR tests will be used to confirm COVID-19 among patients.

Q: Are we going to test all healthcare workers?
A: All healthcare workers will be tested with priority given to:
• Symptomatic healthcare workers
• Asymptomatic healthcare workers who were not wearing the appropriate PPE when they were exposed to a patient confirmed to have COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

Q: How can I get tested?
A: You will first be assessed by a health professional, either through the DOH Telemedicine hotline or through the
Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT), to check if you need to be tested. Once confirmed, you will be referred to the nearest available facility for testing.

For NCR residents: (02 )84241724 or (02)77988000
For non-NCR residents: 1555 or (02)89426843

*phone charges may apply


Source: Department of Health (Philippines)