Mitsubishi Electric Award
– awarded by Mr. Kenji Minefuji of Mitsubishi Electric’s Business innovation & DX Strategy Division. This prize will be used for the advancement of our TANOM drone planting technology. Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading names in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electronic products and systems used in a broad range of fields and applications.

BIPROGY株式会社 Award
– awarded by Dr. Kumiko Shirai, BIPROGY’s Corporate Officer of Global Business. This prize is a big help to continue the development of the LANTAWA forest and carbon monitoring platform.
BIPROGY is the leading IT solutions provider in Japan.

Leave a Nest Group Award
– awarded by the Leave a Nest Executive Officer Dr. Ryuta Takeda. This is a monumental award to start our journey in Tokyo, Japan.
Leave a Nest Co. Ltd. is a group of various Japanese researchers and companies that support the Passion to achieve Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness.

Out of 12 outstanding startups from the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand that stood out from 186 applicants, the Philippines represented by BIOFLOC and Galansiyang Inc., won most of the awards.

Thank you Leave a Nest for this initiative, this is a big help to every Southeast Asian startup to get a chance to start again.
BIG THANKS to the Department of Trade and Industry Region X (DTI Region 10) for the support that helped our team set foot in Singapore!

Crdts: Leave a Nest Documentation Team for the official photos

Galansiyang Inc.