PUBLIC INFORMATION: Executive Order No. 37


Kindly Read full guidelines.

1. The new Curfew schedule shall be from 7pm to 5am for both minors and adults.

2. All precautionary measures, prohibitions, protocols and guidelines mentioned in Executive Orders No. 32 and 33 are still in effect.

3. Reiterating that vehicles carrying cargoes such as maritime and agricultural products, grocery supplies, medicines and medical supplies, gasoline, LPG, hardware materials, and those similarly situated, may be allowed entry to Iligan City. These vehicles should not be hampered however compliance to checkpoint protocols should still be observed.

Delivery trucks and any other means of transport carrying essential goods shall be allowed entry subject to disinfection and inspection protocols. The passage of these vehicles carrying essential goods shall be unhampered and not be delayed.

4. Private and public transportations are still prohibited to enter in Iligan City except members of the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Army, Marines, Airforce, Fire Department, health workers, the Philippine Red Cross, DSWD, CSWD, duly accredited first responders on duty or on a pertinent mission, other essential workers, media, and those authorized persons mentioned by the national guidelines.

5. Members of AFP, PNP, ICTPMO, SCAA, CMO-Multi-Task Force, ALTF, Task Force Kalikasan, and Barangay Officials are directed to strictly enforce the issuances passed by the undersigned. Appropriate legal actions shall be filed to the violators.

6. Punong Barangay’s who failed to observe the guidelines and measures pursuant to issuances of quarantine pass, observance of social/physical distancing, allowance of residents to leave the respective household without any valid reasons, shall be subjected to appropriate action, both criminal and administrative. For this purpose, the City Legal Office is directed to initiate appropriate charges, as may be warranted.

7. All private vehicles are mandated not to put fraudulent signs such as tarpaulins, streamers and the like, in order to create the appearance that they are delivering essential commodities. Appropriate legal actions will be filed against these fraudulent persons.

8. Selected private and essential establishments shall remain open and operational, provided that strict precautionary measures be implemented. The following shall be considered essential, to wit:

a. Supermarkets, public markets, grocery stores, or convenience stores.
b. Water refilling stations.
c. Delivery services of food and other basic commodities.
d. Hospitals, laboratories, clinics, pharmacies or drugstores.
e. Banks or ATM’s, cooperatives, money transfer services, or legitimate lending institutions.
f. Gas stations, LPG stations, and other petroleum establishments.
g. Funeral Parlors.
h. Public utility services such as internet providers, telecommunications, power or energy, and those similarly situated.
i. Manufacturing and processing plants.
j. Laundry shops.
k. Operation of restaurant, eatery/carenderia, and the like shall be limited only to take-out and delivery services.

All private establishments not included in the enumeration above shall be considered as non-essential and is advised temporarily closed.

9. Residents of Iligan City are strongly mandated to stay at home unless warranted by reasons which must be for legitimate and absolutely necessary purpose only.

10. Selling and Consumption of Liquors and other intoxicating products are prohibited pursuant to existing City Ordinance.

11. Violations, resistance, or disobedience to any provisions of this order shall be subjected to criminal, civil, and/or administrative sanctions. Likewise, spreading of fake news and such other acts that will undermine the health, safety, security of the public, and the legitimate objectives of the LGU, will be dealt with in accordance to Republic Act No. 11469.

Source: LGU Iligan