The DIYANDI Festival Queen 2023 title was claimed in style by Ms. Karelle T. Gemang hailing from Barangay Ubaldo Laya, in a dazzling event held yesterday, September 23, 2023. The third season of the Diyandi Festival Queen competition, meticulously organized at Robinsons Place Iligan, witnessed stiff competition with 11 talented participants vying for the prestigious crown.

In an enchanting evening that celebrated grace, talent, and charisma, Karelle T. Gemang emerged as the rightful holder of the coveted Diyandi Festival Queen 2023 title. Her performance, both on and off the stage, dazzled the judges and the audience alike, making her the coronated queen of Robinsons Iligan’s Diyandi Festival.

The night wasn’t just about the crowning moment, as other outstanding candidates received special awards for their exceptional talents and charisma. Marigold Yangyang, candidate number 10, was honored with the title of “Ms. Festival Tourism Queen,” while Natalia Flor A. Encabo, candidate number 11, was awarded the prestigious “Ms. Festival Princess” title.

Ms. Karelle T. Gemang, the newly crowned festival queen, not only clinched the top title but also earned multiple accolades. She was recognized as the “Best in Costume,” and her designer was awarded the esteemed “Designer of the Year” for their remarkable collaboration. Furthermore, Karelle T. Gemang’s group performance was hailed as the “Best in Group Performance,” and her photogenic appeal earned her the title of “Ms. Photogenic.”

Meanwhile, the “People’s Choice Award” was claimed by candidate number 9, Drixie Erika Mag-Abo, adding another layer of excitement to this spectacular event.

The Diyandi Festival Queen 2023 competition was a showcase of talent, beauty, and culture, highlighting the rich heritage of Iligan City. Karelle T. Gemang, along with her fellow contestants, demonstrated remarkable grace and charisma, making the event a memorable celebration of the city’s cultural diversity.

As the Diyandi Festival Queen 2023, Karelle T. Gemang will serve as an ambassador for Iligan City, representing its culture, tradition, and beauty on various platforms throughout her reign. Her win marks a significant milestone in her journey and sets the stage for a promising future in the world of pageantry.

The Diyandi Festival Queen 2023 competition not only honored its winners but also showcased the incredible talent and beauty that Iligan City has to offer, solidifying its reputation as a hub of culture and tradition.

Photo by City Government of Iligan