In a dazzling spectacle that left the audience awestruck, Miss Kristel Anne Codas of Brgy. Del Carmen, was bestowed with the coveted title of Miss Iligan during the recently concluded Grand Coronation Night held on September 27, 2023.

This extravagant event, which forms a significant part of the annual Diyandi Festival sa Iligan celebration, witnessed the culmination of weeks of preparation and fierce competition among the city’s finest contestants.

Miss Codas, with her grace and charm, proved to be the standout candidate of the evening, impressing both the judges and the audience. Her coronation as Miss Iligan 2023 was met with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

The Diyandi Festival sa Iligan, a cultural extravaganza celebrated with great fervor, anticipates the Miss Iligan pageant as one of its main attractions. The event showcases not only the beauty but also the talent, intelligence, and charisma of Iligan City’s young women, making it an integral part of the festival.

Other notable winners in the Miss Iligan pageant include:

  • Miss Iligan Tourism: Kimberly Ballares from Brgy. Pala-o dazzled the audience with her knowledge of Iligan’s tourism industry and her passion for promoting the city’s attractions.
  • Miss Iligan Heritage: Stephanie Dominise from Brgy. Poblacion, who eloquently highlighted the significance of preserving Iligan’s rich cultural heritage.
  • 1st Runner-up: Francienne Elle Simon, representing Brgy. Tibanga showcased grace and eloquence throughout the competition.
  • 2nd Runner-up: Sheiramae Orong, proudly hailing from Brgy. Dalipuga left a lasting impression with her talent and charm.

The Grand Coronation Night served as a dazzling finale to the Miss Iligan pageant, and it celebrated the city’s culture, heritage, and the remarkable qualities of its young women. As Miss Kristel Anne Codas begins her reign as Miss Iligan in 2023, she embarks on a journey as an ambassador for the city, promoting its unique culture, tourism, and heritage on a broader scale.

The city is excited to see the positive impact that Miss Codas and her court will bring to Iligan in the coming year. Congratulations to all the crowned ladies, and may their endeavors continue to bring honor and pride to the community.

Photos by the City Government of Iligan

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