LTFRB Region 10-Iligan City Field Office enforcing team conducted a roadside inspection at Tominobo Highway, today June 8, 2021 to ensure the PUV riding public’s compliance with the health protocols set by the IATF and the “7 commandments” inside the PUV, which are the following:

1. wearing of face masks and face shields
2. not talking and making phone calls
3. not eating
4. keeping PUVs well-ventilated
5. conducting frequent disinfection
6. not allowing passengers with Covid-19 symptoms inside public transportation, and
7. the observance of appropriate physical distancing (“one-seat apart” rule).

Drivers and conductors are also reminded to strictly observe the following health protocols:
1. Vehicles shall be disinfected every end of each trip with all surfaces (especially seats, armrests, handles) wiped down with disinfecting agent
2. All oftenly touched parts or surfaces of the vehicle such as but not limited to seats, armrests and handles shall be disinfected at least once every three hours if the vehicle is in continuous operation
3. PUJ operators shall install impermeable barriers between rows of seats. Such impermeable barriers must be disinfected regularly
4. Drivers/operators shall put marking on seats of PUVs where the passengers must occupy.

8 IRS were issued during the operation

For your concerns and complaints, please call the following hotlines:
859 3188
857 5637