“Ania na ang atong dugay nga gipaabot na Thermal Decomposition Machine, ang among eco-friendly nga solusyon sa mga hagit sa pagdumala sa basura sa syudad,” Mayor Siao posted.

The machine, long awaited by the city, promises to address waste management challenges with its innovative features. It operates at ultra-high temperatures, capable of processing various types of waste without producing smoke, odor, or hazardous substances.

Vice Mayor Alemania expressed satisfaction during the inspection of the machine at CMRF, together with the COA inspectorate team and the supplier. The thorough inspection aimed to ensure its quality and effectiveness in aiding the city in waste reduction efforts.

“This marks a significant step towards a greener approach to waste elimination,” Mayor Siao added. “Say goodbye to garbage disposal issues as we embark on this journey towards a more sustainable future.”