Iligan City, Philippines – In the latest edition of EduRank’s rankings released in February 2024, Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) has slipped two places from its position last year, now ranking 29th. Despite this, it remains one of the leading institutions in Mindanao, showcasing its impact in various academic fields, particularly in Engineering.

EduRank, a reputable independent metric-based ranking platform, has evaluated 14,131 universities across 183 countries. It boasts the world’s most extensive scholarly papers database, housing around 98 million scientific publications and 2 billion citations. Through meticulous evaluation across 246 research topics, EduRank provides insights into the academic prowess of institutions worldwide.

MSU-IIT, while dropping in the overall world rank to 6,505th, maintains its prominence within Mindanao, holding the 4th position. Its influence in Engineering is noteworthy, as it secures the 9th spot in the country.

Despite the decline in rankings, MSU-IIT celebrates a significant milestone with a record-breaking publication of 1,482 scientific papers. These papers have garnered 6,591 citations, marking the highest achievement in EduRank’s statistics for the institution.

For those interested in further details regarding the rankings, visit EduRank’s website at for the 2024 rankings.

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