In a momentous event for Iligan City, Mayor Siao had the privilege of hosting the distinguished National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director, Atty. Medardo “Ludgi” de Lemos, along with his dedicated team, during their recent visit to the beloved city. Their presence at the LGU flag ceremony last Monday was truly encouraging, and their commitment to the advancement and safety of Iligan was commendable.

In his heartfelt message, Director de Lemos shared his personal journey, reflecting on his roots in Iligan. He also expressed gratitude for the support extended to their administration, particularly in providing a site for the upcoming NBI Iligan Building. According to Director de Lemos, “This is not just about infrastructure; it’s also about investing in the safety and prosperity of our community.”

Accompanied by Deputy Director Jojo Yap, Regional Director Patricio Bernales, Assistant Regional Director Norman Decampong, and Provincial Director Atty. Medrobel “Bong” Ylanan, the NBI team discussed the latest updates regarding the awaited lot for the NBI Iligan Building. It was announced with delight that obstacles have been overcome as the owner of the donated lot has agreed to its use for this purpose.

While this journey presents many challenges, the collaborative efforts between the NBI team and the local administration signify progress on the horizon. The dedication of both parties to uphold legality and agreements is truly praiseworthy.

As we continue forward, let us celebrate this milestone with hope. The establishment of the NBI Iligan Building signifies not only a physical structure but also a symbol of unity, progress, and the indomitable spirit of being Iliganon.

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