Eidul Fitr 2023 or 1444 in the Islamic calendar is significant, especially for Iligan City whose population has been affected by the siege in 2017 .

Ramadan has shown the value of community and volunteerism when we are one with the poor who are hungry. Ramadan month through fasting indeed as a pillar of Islam inspires for Islam is a message to humanity .

We are grateful to Iligan city in allowing all mosques to practice Ramadan as best as we could through mosques worship throughout the night and post midnight. Thank you for sheltering us in hardship and post siege suffering even providing education.

“This is the first Eid celebration publicly done in Iligan,” said one of the organizers .

Today, this 2023, at the Iligan [Public] Plaza , we update our push on advising legislative efforts to address the poor such as digital cash releases by DSWD for the indigents, solo parents, PWDs, even senior citizens.

In accomplishing our Halal way of life, we reported lobbying efforts for Muslim minorities that have been submitted to senators such as the Internally Displaced Persons or IDP Rights Bill, Madrasah Bill, Mosque as a Cultural Center, Halal, Alive Teacher Salaries, Imams as Peace Worker Allowances and Hijab Day Bill.

We congratulate the one Piso Sadqa Movement, led by Founding Director BIR Assistant Regional Director Nasrollah Conding for leading this national movement and gathering 400 audience at the Iligan Plaza .

Guest speaker Iligan City Mayor Freddie Siao was praised for his concern for the community.

Most Meranao executives who are regional directors are based in Iligan and mobilizing them to support charity would deeply help the poor.

We thank all LGUs for the assistance granted to senior citizens, PWD, solo parents, especially mothers with 7 to 10 children.