In a proactive stride towards the realization of the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) mandated by Executive Order 70, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Iligan City spearheaded a significant site inspection aimed at pinpointing a suitable location for a halfway house within Barangay Rogongon, Iligan City. This collaborative effort convened key stakeholders, among them DILG Iligan City Director Maria Maida B. Daniot, City Councilor Atty. Maria Paz Teresa V. Zalsos, City Councilor and Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) Datu Kilala Sangcoan, Iligan City Police Office City Director PCOL Reinante Delos Santos, City Engineer Leonor Actub, and Barangay Rogongon Officials. The gathering was convened to gauge the potential of the proposed site and devise strategies for the forthcoming stages of the program.

The primary agenda of the gathering was to assess the suitability and feasibility of the identified land parcel, solicit community input, ensure adherence to regulations, identify potential challenges, and draft a strategic plan for the establishment of the halfway house. This proactive approach underscores the dedication to advance the objectives of ECLIP, thereby fostering peace and sustainable development in the locality.

The site inspection for the envisaged halfway house in Barangay Rogongon epitomizes the city’s and its collaborators’ commitment to furthering the goals of ECLIP. Although still in its preliminary phase, the joint endeavor serves as a testament to the proactive measures being undertaken to pave the way for the successful establishment of a facility crucial for reintegrating former rebels into mainstream society, thus fostering peace and sustainable development in the region.

Furthermore, it was revealed that a comprehensive Plan of Work (POW) has already been formulated for the project, delineating planned activities, timelines, and budgetary allocations for the establishment and operation of the halfway house. This POW will serve as a roadmap for the project’s execution, ensuring its smooth progression and eventual fruition.

Overall, the site inspection aimed to ensure that the halfway house offers a secure and supportive environment for former rebels as they prepare to reintegrate into the community. The collaboration of various stakeholders, including government officials, security forces, and community representatives, remains imperative for the success of this initiative under Executive Order 70.