Mayor Siao announced that the completion of the gymnasium/multipurpose building in Linanot, Barangay Bunawan is nearing its end, following delays attributed to issues with payment from the previous administration to the contractor. As the Mayor, he assured prioritization of projects beneficial to the community regardless of past political affiliations.

The successful completion not only reflects the administration’s commitment to finishing what was started but also ensures that residents have access to quality facilities. Through careful planning and execution, they guarantee that this project will serve the constituents, providing a space for recreation, events, and community gatherings.

The unwavering support of Raul Macapol Ypanto, School Head at Linanot Elementary School, and the community’s advocacy propelled the rehabilitation with a budget of 6.4 million through the LGU Iligan – City Engineer’s Office.

Residents are urged to anticipate the grand reopening as they celebrate the promising future of the city’s infrastructure!


Photo by: Mayor Freddie Siao