Mayor Siao has announced the successful launch of a Training Induction Program, aimed at empowering 209 residents as TESDA scholars. This initiative, spearheaded by the mayor’s office, endeavors to equip individuals with valuable skills, regardless of their background or affiliation.

The program, which encompasses a wide array of courses including dressmaking, electrical installation maintenance, and computer system servicing, is provided free of charge. Notably, it accommodates applicants from diverse demographics, be they Muslim, Lumad, or Christian, emphasizing an inclusive approach to skill development.

Participants in the program will also receive a complimentary National Certificate upon completion, facilitating their prospects for further education or employment opportunities. Additionally, they will be granted a daily allowance of 160 Philippine pesos upon graduation to support their educational journey.

Mayor Siao expressed gratitude to TESDA Secretary Suharto T. Mangudadatu, urging for additional slots to be allocated to Iligan City to further extend the program’s reach within the community. He also commended Provincial Director Noraya Acas and focal person Datu Madrigal Dianalan for their support in making the initiative a success.

This collaborative effort between the local government and TESDA reflects a commitment to inclusive governance and aims to uplift every Iliganon. Mayor Siao encourages residents to seize this opportunity for personal growth and future success, emphasizing the importance of building a skilled and prosperous community together.