Mayor Siao proudly announced a significant milestone for the city, heralding the ceremonial signing of the Deed of Donation and Memorandum of Agreement for the establishment of a standard fire station in Buruun. This move underscores a firm commitment to the safety and security of the beloved city.

The newly proposed BFP station stands as the second standardized facility in Iligan City, poised to enhance firefighting capabilities. It is noteworthy that the Local Government Unit of Iligan has generously donated a prime lot in Buruun for this vital undertaking.

In line with the insightful words of RD Alma, Mayor Siao echoed Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” With Iligan’s economic progress in mind, there is a pressing need to plan and invest in critical infrastructure like this fire station to ensure sustained growth and prosperity for the city.

Mayor Siao expressed deep gratitude to RD Alma for her thoughtful words, recognizing collective efforts as a testament to effective leadership. However, Mayor Siao emphasized that this achievement is not just about individuals but also about the invaluable support from the people of Iligan, who have made initiatives like this possible. Together, they envision a safer and stronger Iligan for all its residents.

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