In celebration of the sacred month of Ramadan, a total of 435 sacks of rice have been distributed to 125 mosques across Iligan City. This initiative aims to support our communities and foster unity during this special time.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve and uplift his fellow Iliganon Muslims, Mayor Siao emphasized the significance of compassion and generosity, which are central to Ramadan.

Acknowledgments were extended to all involved parties who contributed to the success of this initiative, particularly the Office of the Maranao, Higaunon & Other Cultural Communities, Iligan City Imam’s League, and Iligan Bae Rawatun Organization. Their contributions have made a meaningful difference in the lives of many.

Mayor Siao extended Ramadan Mubarak wishes to all Iliganon Muslims, hoping that this month brings peace, joy, and blessings to all.