ILIGAN CITY–With unwavering determination to lead Iligan City towards a prosperous future, Mayor Frederick Siao delivered his State of Iligan City Address (SOICA), emphasizing the essence of collaboration, innovation, and integrity.

Mayor Siao placed great emphasis on transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement as the cornerstones of the city’s progress.

“Our progress lies in working together with determination and unshakeable trust, to create the best version of Iligan City. The city’s brightest days are yet to come, and together, we will turn our dreams into reality,” he proclaimed.

Central to Siao’s agenda is the adoption of the Iligan Development Goals (IDGs), which draw inspiration from the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These IDGs provide a roadmap for the city’s future, covering various sectors, from economic growth to environmental protection.

Economic and Agricultural Triumphs

Mayor Siao proudly unveiled impressive economic achievements for the city, including the establishment of major establishments like KCC Mall, SM Mall, Wilcon Depot, hotels, convention centers, and restaurants. These developments not only bolster the local economy but also generate numerous job opportunities for the residents.

The city government has also made significant strides in promoting a robust agricultural industry and rural development. It has funded road and agricultural projects, organized summits for coffee, coconut, and abaca farmers, provided support to farmers in the form of organic fertilizers and seedlings, and developed vast areas for various crops, benefiting thousands of farmers.

Additionally, the city has set up agricultural research and training centers, dairy processing facilities, and provided aid to livestock raisers through vaccinations and assistance programs.

Digital Advancements

Iligan City is recognized as one of the most proactive digital cities, with a keen focus on digitalization strategies. The city government has implemented various Information and Communications Technology (ICT) initiatives, such as official email for communications, paperless transactions, and fostering the growth of the ICT industry for skill development.

Recently, Iligan City was considered a potential Smart City in the ASEAN Region by the ASEAN Smart Cities Council. The city will receive guidance and mentorship from the Executive Director for ASEAN based in Singapore, KC Tay, regarding its ICT initiatives in a partnership that will commence in August, in collaboration with MSU-IIT and DOST.

Enhancing Health and Uplifting Lives

Iligan City has achieved significant milestones in improving health services and pandemic response. The city government has expanded and strengthened its health programs, focused on reducing stunting in children and controlling tuberculosis.

Vaccination campaigns and HIV/AIDS prevention efforts have been highly successful, and the city has invested in upgrading healthcare facilities and technologies, such as the Hospital Information Management System and new medical equipment, to provide advanced services to residents.

Various programs have been implemented to alleviate poverty and support marginalized communities, including the “Friends Working Together for Shelter” program that provides safe housing for those in need, livelihood support for cooperatives and women, poverty mapping to prioritize interventions, and e-commerce platforms to empower marginalized groups, including persons with disabilities and solo parents.

The administration has also prioritized senior citizens, providing both national and local social pension payouts to support the indigent elderly population.

Embracing the Future

Under the visionary leadership of the Siao-Alemania Administration, Iligan City is embarking on a promising journey towards a brighter future. Plans include the implementation of AI-capable CCTV and a Command Center, a modern Wet Park with improved water management, and transforming the Wet Market into a bustling Market Mall.

While preserving historical landmarks, such as the City Hall complex, the administration seeks to strike a balance with modernization. The vision also includes the creation of a Convention Center and Sports Complex, improved transportation networks with more farm-to-market roads and highways, and the development of eco parks and sustainable tourist destinations, including the Mt. Agad-Agad Faith Tourism and Eco Park, Bayug Island Development, Tinago Infra Development, and more.

With a strong emphasis on inclusivity, the administration aims to boost micro, small, and medium enterprises, as well as creative industries, to ensure prosperity, harmony, and a better future for all residents.

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