Privilege Speech of Councilor Queenie Belmonte

Mr. Chair, I rise on a point of personal and collective privilege. I rise as a legislator and a member of the 17th Council. And most importantly, I rise because I believe Iligan deserves the truth.

For the past weeks, our beloved City has been shaken by news of alleged
overpricing of goods purchased most especially during the COVID-19 crisis. It is all over the news, on air, and on social media. Papers and documents being circulated. Some I have seen, some I have yet to see.

But the people have already spoken. They have made their judgments already Whether we like it or not, we all have been judged. Calling the Local Government of Iligan “GARAPAL”, “BAGA OG MGA NAWONG”, “KAWATAN”.

Which brings me to my point today, Mr. Chair, that we have to do something. After all, we are mere public servants elected to office by our constituents tasked to serve sincerely and truthfully.

The public outcry is very loud. We cannot turn a deaf ear nor a blind eye anymore. Dili to pwede magpabungol bungol og magpa buta buta.

That is why Mr. Chair, I am calling on the Committee on Ethics and Good
Government and the Committee on Justice and Human Rights to conduct a public hearing on the proposed ordinance relative to overpricing and dealing with middlemen.

We owe this to the public, Mr. Chair. Our beloved City deserves this.