(Police Regional Office 10) PBGen Rolando B Anduyan, Regional Director informs the public that the region will not requires Travel Authority (TA) for travel with in the region.

PBGen Anduyan said that IATF resolution #46-A is placing the entire region to Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) dated June June 15, 2020.

In response to this resolution, the police force of the region will not require anymore the TA when traveling within the region as long as their travel is important which will be considered as Authorized Person Outside Residence (APOR) and not for leisure.

PRO 10 clarifies that the the QCPs in the provincial and regional bounderies will remain to check the minimun health standard and the unthorized person like 21 year old below and 60 years old above and those who travel for leisure.

“Under this new guidelines, the QCPs will remain to check all the people that they will not take advantage to go outside without important matter to do since we will never dissolve our QCPs to ensure that the minimim health standard will be implemented” PBGen Anduyan said.

“If there are some personnel who can pass our QCPs by declaring that they have important matter to transact in the other provinces, we can still apprehend them by our monitoring personnel and we will not doubt to file a case against them” PBGen Anduyan added.

PRO 10 asks the public to listen to the police advisories for appropriate information about the police guidelines and appeal to the public to remain discipline to keep away from covid 19.###

Police Regional Office No. 10 PIO