In a resolute move to champion the cause of gender equality, the Iligan City Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office (ICDRRMO) has pledged its unwavering support for the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW), a nationwide initiative geared towards eradicating all forms of discrimination against women and girls.

The campaign, aptly named “VAW-free Philippines,” aims to foster unity in the collective effort to eliminate gender-based violence and promote a society where women and girls can thrive without fear of discrimination. Iligan City, through its DRRM office, is actively joining hands with the broader national movement to create awareness, educate the public, and advocate for policies that safeguard the rights and well-being of women.

As part of their commitment, the ICDRRMO encourages citizens to stay informed and engaged by anticipating further updates and activities related to the campaign. The office remains dedicated to disseminating crucial information and fostering community involvement in the pursuit of a safer and more inclusive environment.

For additional details and inquiries, the public is urged to contact the Iligan City Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office through the following channels:

  • Hotline: 811
  • Telephone: (63) 221-8459 / 225-3215
  • TM/Globe: 0997-726-2692
  • Smart: 0969-233-7878
  • Radio Frequency: 137.400mhz

Let us stand together and actively contribute to the realization of a society free from violence and discrimination, where the rights of women and girls are respected and protected. Stay tuned for updates as Iligan City takes significant strides towards a VAW-free future.