The Anahaw amphitheater is not only a famous Iliganon landmark it has also seen more than its fair share of concerts, social gatherings and contests since it was hand built during the 1960s. And because of its long and colorful history, true-blooded Iliganons have developed a strong connection and sentimental value with this renowned venue which boasts as the largest ‘open’ amphitheater in Mindanao. One unique feature of this landmark is that it made use of locally sourced ‘pagang’ or corals for its benches. But with the ‘sudden’ demolition of the amphitheater, many of these ‘pagangs’ were unceremoniously extracted from their places and dumped like garbage.

Do the present city officials possess the moral authority to do this grave act and desecrate this structure considered by many Iliganons as a cultural treasure?

On the other side of the coin, according to the proponents of the project dubbed as “Improvement of Anahaw Ampihtheater Cultural Heritage”, the primary purpose for the ‘renovation’ is to make the amphitheater “fully functional, safer, and beautiful”. City officials are confident that people will be amazed once the improvement of Anahaw ampihtheater is completed. The improvement project includes the concrete bleachers, stairways, retaining walls, and perimeter guard railings. The project would also cover the rehabilitation of the existing basketball court, and the addition of pathways and jogging area on the upper portion of the amphitheater.

On this controversial issue, who do you think has taken the higher moral ground? And which side should the Iliganons support?

Take a stand for a better Iligan. The future is in your hands…

Photos by: Jun Enriquez

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