Tower #60 of NGCP’s Balo-i-Aurora 138kV line in Poona, Tangcal, Lanao del Norte was toppled due to the intentional pilferage of transmission line parts, causing a power interruption at 10:13AM of January 18. This was followed by manual load droppings affecting customers of ZAMSURECO I, ZAMSURECO II, ZANECO, MOELCI I, MOELCI II, and LANECO in parts of the Zamboanga Peninsula, Misamis Occidental, and parts of Lanao del Norte starting at 10:17AM.

NGCP is working with authorities to secure the area and to identify the perpetrators of the sabotage. Restoration of tower 60 will commence as soon as the area is secured.

The company stresses that any form of sabotage to transmission lines and structures only serve to increase the burden of the public, which must suffer through service interruptions when towers are sabotaged.

NGCP continues its appeal to the public, local and national government, and local community leaders to help identify the perpetrators of sabotage and prevent power interruptions.

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