Short description of the logo:

The Panika with the tagline “Viva Sr. San Miguel!” is a representation of the Higaonon culture – we remember that Diyandi came from an Higaonon word which means “to celebrate” and celebration of the Diyandi Festival is also paying homage to the city’s patron saint, protector, guardian, and healer of the sick – St. Michael the Archangel.

The feathers beside the Panika resemble the feathers on the cap or helmet of St. Michael the Archangel. The buntings below the word Diyandi represent the festival vibes we can feel upon seeing them hang along the city streets. Lastly, the bright colors in this logo represent the vibrant tourism, culture, and heritage of Iligan City as we proudly house the Tri-People of Iligan City (Higaonons, Maranaos, and the Christians) and actively gear towards being The Waterfalls Capital of the Philippines!


PS. The Executive Management Board of the Diyandi Festival sa Iligan 2023 reserves its right to prohibit an organization/group using this logo without prior approval from the board.

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