In a recent incident the Iligan City Police Office (ICPO) swiftly responded to reports of an abandoned sack on Quezon Ave., which sparked concerns of potential explosives. However, subsequent investigations have confirmed that the contents of the sack were harmless, except for a single item found at a nearby flower shop.

The incident unfolded early in the morning when a mysterious sack was discovered on Quezon Ave., raising suspicions of a possible explosive device. In accordance with established safety procedures, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit was dispatched to assess and neutralize any potential threats.

Utilizing a water cannon disruptor, the EOD team carefully disrupted the contents of the sack. This action, while necessary for public safety, generated a loud noise that echoed through the area, causing concern among onlookers. Fortunately, it was not a bomb, and there was no imminent danger.

Upon closer examination, the EOD team recovered various items from the sack, including wires, a lightning ignitor, a laptop adapter, and a chargeable battery. These findings further supported the notion that the sack did not pose a threat to the public.

Following a thorough inspection, the EOD declared the area safe and confirmed the absence of any explosive devices shortly after nine o’clock in the morning.

Police Major Zandrex Panolong, the ICPO spokesperson, addressed the incident, stating, “We will continue to gather more information about who left the luggage here. It is possible that the intention behind leaving this luggage was not malicious, as indicated by the presence of harmless items like the bronze wires.”

The incident serves as a reminder of the vigilance and swift response of law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety. While it initially raised concerns, the situation has now been resolved, and residents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there was no threat to their safety.

The ICPO continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding the abandoned sack on Quezon Ave. to determine its origin and purpose, while assuring the public that they remain committed to maintaining peace and security in Iligan City.

Photos by ICPO