ILIGAN CITY – The 103rd Infantry Brigade has found a dedicated ally in its mission to ensure the success of the upcoming festival and Barangay Election in Iligan City. Newly appointed Brigade Commander, General Yegor Rey Barroquillo, has pledged unwavering support for these vital community events.

Gen. Barroquillo was welcomed into his new role as the Commander of the 103rd Infantry Brigade. In discussions held shortly after assuming command, he emphasized the shared dedication to upholding peace and security within the city.

A strong bond was revealed between Gen. Barroquillo and Mayor Freddie Siao in PMA Class 92, rooted in military service and camaraderie. This affiliation has led to a resolute commitment to ensuring the seamless execution of the forthcoming fiesta and Barangay Elections. The evident collaboration between the local community and the military stands as a testament to their mutual dedication.

As the community gears up for the much-anticipated festival, Gen. Barroquillo and his brigade provide a reassuring sense of security. The city’s residents can rest assured that the combined efforts of both local authorities and the military will contribute to a safe and enjoyable celebration.

Moreover, with the Barangay Election on the horizon, this unified front promises a successful and transparent electoral process. The cooperation between civic and military forces bodes well for an election that truly represents the will of the people.

Gen. Barroquillo encouraged the community to fully engage in the festival, highlighting that security is a top priority. By fostering a safe and secure environment, the foundation for a thriving and prosperous festival season can be firmly established. As the city looks forward to the festivities and the electoral process, the commitment of the 103rd Infantry Brigade under the leadership of Gen. Barroquillo shines as a beacon of partnership and dedication.