Chancellor Alizedney M. Ditucalan shared the details of a remarkable visit to Curtin University. The Chancellor, accompanied by a delegation from Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, received a warm reception from the university’s leadership.

During the visit, Chancellor Ditucalan engaged in discussions about the strategic directions of the partnership between Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology and Curtin University. Notably, the meeting was hosted by Prof. Xiaotian Zhang, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Global, and Prof. Steven Reddy, the Dean of Research at Curtin University.

The delegation had the privilege of touring Curtin University’s campus, where they had the chance to explore the newly renovated library and shared laboratory facilities. These state-of-the-art amenities left a lasting impression, serving as a source of inspiration for future campus development endeavors.

A pivotal moment of the visit included a meeting with Curtin University’s leadership team, comprised of distinguished individuals such as Prof. Mark Buntine (Dean of Faculty of Science), Prof. Vishnu Pareek (Dean of Faculty of Engineering), Asocc. Prof. Dimple Quyn (Dean of Teaching and Learning), and Prof. Steven Reddy (Dean of Research). This productive discussion further solidified the partnership between the two institutions.

To cap off the eventful day, the delegation visited the Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch (HIVE) at Curtin University. Here, they were introduced to cutting-edge technology that is actively employed in the realms of learning and research, offering a glimpse into the innovative practices embraced by the university.

Chancellor Ditucalan also took a moment to express gratitude to outstanding alumni who have contributed to the success of both institutions. Notably, Dr. Richard Alorro, a Class of 2002 alumnus, currently serves as a faculty member at Curtin University. Additionally, Dr. Jonah Longaquit-Gamutan, another alumna of MSU-IIT, was discovered to be teaching at Curtin University, providing further evidence of the caliber of graduates from Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology.

Chancellor Alizedney M. Ditucalan emphasized that the visit to Curtin University was not only productive but also deeply inspiring. The delegation eagerly anticipates the continued nurturing of this partnership and the multitude of opportunities it promises to bring.

Photo credits: Chancellor Alizedney M. Ditucalan