In a bid to address the rising threat of Dengue fever, the City of Iligan has taken a proactive step by implementing a new policy following the issuance of Executive Order No. 3, Series of 2022. This executive order declares every Saturday of the week as the regular Barangay Clean-Up Day throughout the city.

The City Health Office (CHO) has issued a stern warning regarding the escalating Dengue cases, with a significant portion affecting young individuals under the age of 10. In light of this alarming trend, the CHO is emphasizing the critical role of “Environmental Sanitation or cleanliness” in curbing the spread of the Dengue virus.

The CHO is calling upon village officials, members of the Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTS), Youth Councils, and school Principals to actively participate in and spearhead regular clean-up drives every week. This collective effort aims to ensure the cleanliness of local neighborhoods and school premises, ultimately safeguarding the residents, particularly the vulnerable youth, against the deadly Dengue virus.

“We must prioritize the protection of our young population, as they are more susceptible to the dangers posed by the Dengue virus,” stated the CHO spokesperson. The health office is urging the community to extend their full support and cooperation in response to this urgent appeal.

This proactive approach aligns with the city’s commitment to maintaining the health and well-being of its residents. By collectively embracing the initiative of a weekly Barangay Clean-Up Day, the City of Iligan is taking significant steps toward a safer and healthier environment, emphasizing that “healthy people strengthen our city.”