The 8th annual Indigay sa Iligan Lechon festival, a highly anticipated event for food enthusiasts and connoisseurs, took place with great fervor and excitement on September 20, 2023. Hosted at the picturesque City Public Plaza, this gastronomic spectacle showcased Iligan’s unrivaled prowess in the art of lechon preparation.

Dubbed as the “Best Lechon Capital,” Iligan lived up to its reputation as the city celebrated its rich culinary heritage by presenting the finest lechon creations. With meticulous preparation and fierce competition, the winners of the Indigay sa Iligan Lechon 2023 were announced, leaving attendees with a taste of Iligan’s culinary excellence.

Brgy. Buruun Takes the Crown

In a showdown of culinary talent, Brgy. Buruun emerged as the champion, earning the coveted title of “Best Booth” and “Best Tasting Lechon in Iligan.” Their dedication to the craft and a unique blend of flavors in their lechon masterpiece captivated the taste buds of both judges and festival-goers alike. Brgy. Buruun’s lechon stood out as the quintessential embodiment of Iligan’s lechon-making expertise.

Dalipuga and Tomas Cabili Earn Second and Third Place Honors

Not to be outdone, Brgy. Dalipuga secured the second-place position in the competition. Their lechon exhibited an exceptional balance of flavors and a delightful presentation, making them a strong contender in this gastronomic face-off.

Brgy. Tomas Cabili rounded out the top three, taking the third-place spot with their delectable lechon offering. Their entry showcased the unique flavors and cooking techniques that Iligan is known for, leaving a lasting impression on the judges and festival attendees.

Throughout the festival, visitors had the opportunity to savor the distinct flavors and culinary traditions of Iligan. The Indigay sa Iligan Lechon 2023 not only celebrated the city’s rich gastronomic culture but also showcased the unity and creativity of its residents.

As the festival concluded, it became abundantly clear that the heart and soul of Iligan resided in its lechon, and it was an honor to witness the talents of Brgy. Buruun, Brgy. Dalipuga, and Brgy. Tomas Cabili, who brought the city’s culinary excellence to the forefront of this year’s festivities.

The Indigay sa Iligan Lechon 2023 will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy in the hearts and stomachs of attendees, reminding everyone that when it comes to lechon, there’s no place like Iligan.

Photos by Atty. Marlene Young