No need to go outside of Iligan to have your fantastic beach day in another town’s instagrammable floating cottages!

The floating cottage resort of “Balsa Dalipuga” is located in Brgy. Dalipuga before Centennial Park. The surrounding vast area is a former port with docked ships and trucks, evident of its past activities. It has its wharfs, cottages, guard house and sea stair drop-offs. The area is also open for sports activities such as frisbee and beach volleyball.

Currently, “Balsa Dalipuga” is on the process of making more floating and non-floating cottages, toilet amenities, reception and other facilities. The road from the national hi-way will be developed and maintained to avoid mud build-up during rainy days.

Stay tune as Viva Turismo Iligan give updates regarding “Balsa Dalipuga”!

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