Mayor Freddie Siao expressed his excitement over the implementation of LIBRENG Wi-Fi in Iligan City’s public spaces. The initiative, launched in collaboration with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) during the hosting of the 15th National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), marks a significant step towards a more digitally connected community.

The City Public Plaza now boasts free Wi-Fi access for all Iligan residents, a unique initiative aimed at promoting digital connectivity and community engagement. The mayor highlighted the special significance of the event, noting the physical presence of DICT Secretary Ivan Uy at the ceremony.

Mayor Siao shared his vision for Iligan City to become a Digital City, one of the key goals in the Iligan Development Plan. Grateful for the support from DICT, he emphasized the robust internet bandwidth that the city now enjoys. The free Wi-Fi service extends beyond the City Plaza to include the City Hall Complex, Anahaw Amphitheatre, GTLMH, and Digkilaan.

Looking ahead, Mayor Siao revealed plans to expand the LIBRENG Wi-Fi initiative to eight selected educational institutions in Iligan, providing a 50mbps connection. He stressed the importance of combining education and connectivity as essential steps toward empowering the city’s future leaders.

The mayor outlined the numerous benefits of the initiative, ranging from improved communication and digital literacy to support for local businesses and the growth of tourism. He sees this development as a game-changer for the progress of the city, leveraging the advantages of a connected and tech-savvy future.

Expressing his joy at witnessing Iligan City’s journey towards a connected and tech-savvy future, Mayor Siao encouraged the community to seize the opportunities presented by the digital era. He expressed optimism about the city’s continued growth and development, envisioning a future where everyone can prosper.

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