Iligan City, November 6, 2023 – In a significant move to enhance the agricultural capabilities of local communities, the Iligan Local Government Unit, led by Ms. Marie Ann J. Beley, City Agriculturist, and Mr. Kevin R. Fernan, Focal on Agriculture, officially handed over the initial set of equipment for abaca fiber processing and marketing to the Cadayunan Tribal Farmers Association (CaTriFa).

The equipment turnover, consisting of three abaca decorticating machines, four spindle machines, and one tractor, marks a crucial milestone in the city’s efforts to empower local farmers and boost the abaca industry. This initiative is part of a larger project funded under the Department of Agriculture – Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) Regional Project Coordination Office 10, in collaboration with the Local Government Unit of Iligan City.

The Cadayunan Tribal Farmers Association, as the recipient of this equipment, is poised to benefit from the advancements in abaca processing technology, which will inevitably contribute to the overall growth of the abaca industry in the region.

Ms. Beley expressed her enthusiasm about the positive impact this initiative will have on the local agricultural sector, stating, “This equipment turnover is a testament to our commitment to supporting and uplifting our local farmers. By providing them with the necessary tools and machinery, we aim to enhance their productivity and ultimately contribute to the economic development of Iligan City.”

This collaborative effort between the Iligan City government and the Department of Agriculture signifies a strategic partnership aimed at fostering sustainable agricultural practices and promoting the economic well-being of local farming communities. As the abaca processing and marketing project unfolds, it is anticipated that Iligan City will become a hub for innovation and growth in the abaca industry, setting an example for other regions to follow suit.