In a resounding show of commitment to the agricultural community, the Local Government Unit of Iligan City, spearheaded by the City Agriculturist, Ms. Marie Ann J. Beley, and the Focal Consultant on Agriculture, Mr. Kevin R. Fernan, joined hands with the Gender and Development Office, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation of Iligan Inc., and Margueries House of Goodies to organize the much-anticipated 2-day Farmers’ Summit at Robinson’s Place Iligan.

The Farmers’ Summit 2023, an esteemed annual event, has long been a platform dedicated to knowledge sharing, networking, and innovation within the agricultural sector. This year’s edition sets its sights on recognizing the pivotal role women play in agriculture and agribusiness. Under the theme “Women in Agriculture,” the summit is determined to celebrate, empower, and provide a stage for women in the agricultural sector to share their invaluable experiences, insights, and best practices.

The event saw the honorable presence of Iligan City’s Mayor, Hon. Frederick W. Siao, along with local dignitaries, distinguished guests from the private sector, and Regional and Provincial Directors representing various government agencies.

Among the event’s notable highlights was the Graduation Ceremony, a momentous occasion celebrating the achievements of 181 TESDA scholars from Venida Farm Learning Site, Christian Horizons School Inc., Margueries House of Goodies, Moneerah Skills Training and Assessment Center Inc., and MC Skills Training Center Inc. These hardworking individuals have shown unwavering dedication to completing their respective programs, and this graduation ceremony marks a significant milestone in their educational journey.

The Farmers’ Summit 2023 in Iligan City stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to promoting knowledge exchange and empowering women in agriculture. The event’s resounding success speaks to the dedication and collaborative spirit of the organizers and participants, ensuring that the agricultural community continues to thrive and innovate.