In a strategic collaboration, the City Government of Iligan has joined forces with Robinsons Iligan to facilitate the “BOSS” Business One-Stop-Shop, a comprehensive service center for businesses, located at Robinsons Iligan, Level 1, Atrium.

The event offers a streamlined process for business owners to handle key transactions conveniently, focusing on Business Permit Renewal and Real Property Tax Payment. The following steps outline the process for participants:

  1. Application of Business Permit: Begin by submitting the necessary documents for the renewal of your business permit.
  2. Assessment and Payment: Once the application is submitted, undergo the assessment process, and proceed with the payment of relevant fees.
  3. Release of Business Permit: After completing the necessary steps, receive your renewed business permit promptly.

It is crucial to note that non-compliance with the requirements within a 90-day period will result in the potential revocation of the permit.

The “BOSS” Business One-Stop-Shop is currently open for business at Robinsons Iligan and will continue to operate until February 9, 2024. Business owners are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and visit the service center between 10 am to 5 pm daily. This collaborative effort aims to provide a convenient and efficient avenue for businesses to fulfill essential administrative tasks and maintain compliance with local regulations.