In celebration of the entire month of October as the Business, ICT, S&T, and Cooperative Month, the Local Government Unit joined hands with various stakeholders to organize the Investors’ Forum. This significant event took place at the Frostybites Garden on November 11, 2023.

Diverse investor companies, including prominent entities such as KCC Mall, SM City, Mabuhay Vinyl, PILMICO Foods Corporation, and others, were cordially invited to participate in the forum. The purpose of the gathering was to facilitate company presentations and discuss future investment plans for each participating enterprise.

The forum served as a platform for investors to share updates on their respective ventures and connect with local businessmen. Attendees gained valuable insights into the latest developments and future plans of both investors and the local government, fostering a collaborative environment for economic development in Iligan City.

Under the theme “Invest Right, Invest Iligan,” the Investors’ Forum aimed to strengthen the ties between investors and the local business community. This event not only showcased the city’s commitment to economic progress but also highlighted Iligan City as a favorable destination for prospective investments.

As Iligan City continues to position itself as a hub for business and innovation, events like the Investors’ Forum play a crucial role in fostering partnerships and driving sustainable economic growth.

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