In celebration of Business, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Science and Technology (S&T), and Cooperative Month this October, a grand opening ceremony marked the launch of the Business and Cooperative Trade Fair. This event, organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in collaboration with the Iligan City Government through the City Development and Livelihood Office (CDLO), took place at the City Public Plaza on October 9, 2023.

The fair serves as a platform for local cooperatives to showcase their products and services, with the overarching goal of promoting and supporting the growth of local businesses in Iligan. The event featured an array of products proudly exhibited by various cooperatives, highlighting the rich entrepreneurial spirit of the city.

The Business and Cooperative Trade Fair is part of a broader initiative to celebrate and strengthen the business, ICT, S&T, and cooperative sectors in Iligan. By bringing together local businesses and cooperatives, the event aims to boost economic growth, encourage entrepreneurship, and foster collaboration among key stakeholders in the city’s economic development.

Local authorities and representatives from the DTI expressed their commitment to empowering local businesses and cooperatives, emphasizing the importance of fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iligan. Visitors to the fair can expect to discover a wide range of locally produced goods and services while contributing to the city’s economic prosperity.

As Business, ICT, S&T, and Cooperative Month unfolds, residents and visitors alike can look forward to a month-long celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. The Business and Cooperative Trade Fair’s opening ceremony marks the beginning of a series of events and activities aimed at showcasing the vibrant and dynamic business landscape of Iligan City.

Photo credits: City Government of Iligan