In a significant milestone for Iligan City’s journey towards becoming a more prosperous urban center, generous contributions were extended to support the development of both hinterland and coastal communities. Recognizing the vital role played by these communities in the city’s progress, substantial financial aid amounting to 64,000 for dedicated hinterland barangays and 153,000 for enthusiastic coastal residents was distributed.

This philanthropic initiative was undertaken in celebration of the Agriculture and Fishery Implementers’ Congress 2023, coinciding with AFC-RBO Day. The allocated funds serve as a substantial boost to reinforce the city’s commitment to the One Barangay, One Product (OBOP) initiatives, aimed at fostering community growth.

The financial allocations were made possible through the dedicated efforts of the office responsible for supplemental budget management, in collaboration with the City Agriculturist’s Office. This injection of funds marks a crucial step in supporting various projects geared towards enhancing the overall well-being of each community.

Residents’ unwavering dedication to agriculture and fisheries has inspired a proactive approach towards the prosperity of Iligan City. As we join hands in this collective effort, let us work collaboratively for a thriving and progressive Iligan!