In a recent development, Mayor Freddie Siao of Iligan City has expressed deep concern and compassion for the residents affected by severe flooding. Mayor Siao personally witnessed the suffering and hardships faced by his fellow citizens as their homes were submerged in water.

Devoting his tireless efforts to provide solace and support to the affected families sheltered in various evacuation centers, Mayor Siao couldn’t help but reflect on the resilience and strength displayed by their beautiful city. The people of Iligan have consistently shown extraordinary unity and spirit during these challenging times, and he has no doubt that they will overcome this trial together.

Mayor Siao paid visits to the evacuation centers to ensure that each family receives the assistance they require. He found encouragement in witnessing the community coming together to support one another, extending helping hands and offering reassuring presence to those who lost so much.

The Mayor couldn’t ignore the profound distress and anxiety among his fellow city dwellers grappling with the recent floods. He personally witnessed the suffering and hardships endured by his friends and neighbors whose homes were engulfed in water.

Expressing his gratitude to the responders, volunteers, and all those who have shown kindness and generosity during these trying times, Mayor Siao acknowledged their compassion and dedication as shining examples of the Iligan spirit.

As their Mayor, he recognizes his responsibility to ensure the safety of the city and its people. Immediate actions have been taken to safeguard the integrity of public infrastructure, ensuring that they remain secure for use. Furthermore, plans are underway for additional dredging and desilting projects, along with other measures to minimize the impact of sudden flooding.

He emphasized that these calamities can also be attributed to environmental abuse. Thus, he has firmly prohibited illegal logging and mining in the mountains and called on the community to assist in monitoring and curbing such illegal activities to protect their mountains and rivers.

In his closing remarks, Mayor Siao pledged to stand united, stay vigilant, and provide assistance to those in need. Iligan is a community built on unity, and they will rise to the challenges. He assured everyone that their safety and well-being remain his top priority.

Mayor Siao urged residents not to hesitate to reach out for any assistance or support they may require. The city is there for them, and together, they will navigate these difficult times.