SAP Recipients

Authorities Are Set to File Charges for Unqualified SAP Recipients

Violators may face 2 to 6 months of jail time and a penalty of P10,000 to P1,000,000.

If you knew someone (or some families) who claimed the SAP cash aid, knowingly they are not qualified, the PNP and the DSWD will be filing charges.

DSWD Region 10, Advisory No. 7 signed by Regional Director Mari-Flor A. Dollaga-Libang

Subject: Exclusion from the Emergency Subsidy Program

All LGUs are advised to observe the guidance provided by the DSWD Central Office that the following families shall be excluded from receiving the subsidy if any of its member/s is/are:

a. Elected and appointed government official/s (permanent, contractual, casual, co-terminus) or personnel contracted (under MOA, COS, JO, and other similar arrangements) in any National Government Agency, Government-owned and Controlled Corporation, LGU and GOCCs with original charter);

b. Employees in the private sector, or those who are in the formal economy including those who are employees of GOCCs without original charters regardless of the existence of employee-employer relationship, and regardless of the fact that they are receiving salary or wage;

c. Retired individuals who are receiving pension; and

d. Families with independent financial capacity consistent consistent with the intent of Republic Act 11469 to provide Emergency Subsidy Program only to low income families.

(Photo edited from the original image source, UNTV; news source – personal interview with PNP and DSWD personnel)

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