Cybercrime Awareness Event

In line with the National MSME Month Celebration, a significant event titled “Upgrade, Upskill, and Upsize MSMEs” was successfully held at Robinsons Place Atrium Tubod, Iligan City last July 5, 2023. This event, known as the Cybercrime Awareness Event, aimed to equip micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with essential knowledge and strategies to combat the growing threat of cybercrime.

The rapid advancements in technology have brought forth new opportunities for businesses, but they have also exposed them to various cyber threats. Recognizing the importance of staying well-informed and vigilant, the event focused on raising awareness and promoting best practices in cyber security, ensuring the safety and integrity of digital transactions for both businesses and their valued customers.

Atty. Jasmine Guio Diaz, the Assistant City Prosecutor II In Charge of RTC 2 Designated Family Court at the Hall of Justice in Iligan City, graciously shared her invaluable insights, experiences, and expertise as the event’s distinguished Resource Speaker. Her presence provided participants with a unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge from a legal professional at the forefront of cybercrime prosecution.

During the seminar, Atty. Diaz emphasized the significance of proactive measures in safeguarding against cyber threats. Participants were enlightened about the latest cybercrime trends, tactics employed by hackers, and the potential consequences of falling victim to such attacks. Through real-life examples and case studies, she underscored the importance of adopting robust cybersecurity practices and remaining vigilant in today’s digitally interconnected world.

The event served as a platform for MSMEs to exchange ideas, network, and foster collaborations in the realm of cybersecurity. Entrepreneurs and business owners had the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions, share their concerns, and explore effective strategies to fortify their digital defenses.

The Cybercrime Awareness Event concluded with expressions of gratitude from the organizers to Atty. Jasmine Guio Diaz for her invaluable contribution to the seminar. Her presence and expertise served as a catalyst for empowering MSMEs, enabling them to navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats and protect their businesses and customers.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, events like the Cybercrime Awareness Event play a crucial role in equipping MSMEs with the necessary knowledge and tools to stay ahead of cybercriminals. By promoting a culture of cyber vigilance and fostering collaboration among businesses, we can collectively ensure a safer and more secure digital environment for all.