The Philippine National Police will resume mandatory career training courses and recruitment programs under the ‘new normal’ starting on Monday, June 1.

In a Memorandum circulated by the National Headquarters through The Director for Human Resource Doctrine and Development, Police Major General Amador V. Corpus prescribed a new set of guidelines in conducting PNP mandatory career courses and training under the ‘new normal’.

The recruitment program will also resume under the supervision of newly-established PNP Recruitment and Selection Service (PNP-RSS) on Monday, June 1, for pending applicants of 1st Cycle 2020 Recruitment and Regular Attrition Quota for Patrolman and Patrolwoman and lateral entry program to strengthen the 205,000-strong police force.

“I am pleased to announce that the PNP Recruitment and Selection Service (RSS) will resume processing of applications for recruitment to fill existing vacancies for recruitment, lateral entry, and cadetship program,” PNP Chief, Police General Archie Francisco Gamboa said in his latest announcement thru PNP Live Virtual Press Briefing on Friday.

The Memorandum prescribes that all training courses or training programs will resume on Monday, June 1, according to the Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

Among strict guidelines to be observed are social distancing and wearing of facemask, observance of minimum health standards by the PNP Health Service, prohibition on sharing and borrowing of personal belongings such as pens, phones, notebooks, laptops, and others.

Corpus said a team will inspect the venues of training courses to ensure that proper disinfection is done in all facilities as a preventive measure against COVID-19.

On specific guidelines, Corpus emphasized that medical clearance from the PNP Health Service is a minimum requirement for participation in any training program. Eligibility for training is also determined by the qualification of PNP personnel based on the Training Linear List.

The PNP-RSS, meanwhile, clarified that the resumption of the recruitment program only applies to PNP applicants who have pending medical, dental, neuro-psychiatric, and drug test examinations as part of the rigid screening process.

To see full details of PNP-RSS Advisory, all applicants are encouraged to visit its official website: and official Facebook page: PNP Recruitment and Selection Service – PNP RSS.